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[   ] Information Retrieval Data Structures And Algorithms_FRAKES WB (2004).pdf                        1.2M  
[   ] Information Storage And Retrieval Systems-Theory And Impl 2e_Kowalski GJ (2002).pdf              7.7M  
[   ] Interactive Information Retrieval In Digital Environments_Iris Xie (2008).pdf                    4.0M  
[   ] Modern Information Retrieval_Ricardo Baeza-Yates (1999).pdf                                      2.3M  
[   ] Multimedia Information Storage And Retrieval Techniques And Technologies_Tse PKC (2008).pdf      4.4M  
[   ] Querying Databases Privately-A New Approach To Private Information Retrieval_Asanov D (2004).pdf 2.2M  
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